Welcome to the New Ad Age!

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Advertising
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(Enter Darth Vadar music) The pint sized Darth Vadar uses his force around his humble abode but to no avail. Disheartened and frustrated he cradles his head in his hand. Then came the sound of a car. He rushes out to the front yard, pushing past a civilian to give one last go with the force. He concentrates. Focuses. (Vroom) The car engine growls into action.

Everybody remembers that Superbowl TVC by Volkswagen which spread across the globe to even those clueless of what Superbowl is. All due to the viral sharing of the youtube video uploaded by VW on the very same day as the TVC airing. The youtube video has 54 million views thus far.

There have been countless Superbowl ads that have gained an international audience through Youtube. Budweiser, Coca Cola, Nike and McDonalds are among the regular advertisers at Superbowl and for good reason. An estimated 111 million viewers watches the annual Superbowl and it is only during this time of the year that advertisers get this amount of viewership. It is not cheap though. An average advertisement costs USD$3.5 million.

For the longest time, these commercials are expected to be the game’s entertainment before, during and after the game. They are expected to be unique and humorous and it is the one time in a year that people do not leave their seats or switch channels during a commercial break. People have come to anticipate the ‘great’ ads especially during half-time.

Most of these ads soon turn viral as people start talking about them over social media or at work. Prompting huge search queries for the ad or its product. Thus, making Superbowl ads resonate with the target market and worth every single cent paid by advertisers. Online media also helped increase these expensive ads’ reach beyond America and to countries who don’t even watch Superbowl.

This is one of many examples of an effective use of new media for advertising. I will be covering more case studies and sharing more of my thoughts of new age advertising in my blog. So stay tuned and subscribe to my page!


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