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Old Spice, once a dying brand (because their core customers were actually dying), was associated with the seniors and was shunned by the young. But yet now it is hard to find a digital native that has never heard of Old Spice. Since its re-branding campaign that took Youtube by storm in 2010, the Old Spice Youtube channel has had close to 297 million views.

Th re-branding campaign featured former NFL wide receiver, Isiah Mustafa, as the Old Spice Guy. The campaign was a great application of  both video and social media. It captivated the audience with creative and spontaneous videos and gave personalised marketing through social media.

The ads had the winning formula, which made the campaign spread like wildfire across the Internet. Allowing Old Spice to become the top brand on consumer’s minds when it came to scented body products for men for the rest of that year. The buzz around the brand was astounding. But there were skeptics that felt the brand couldn’t maintain its position once the hype of the campaign died down.

Old Spice answered the skeptics with another Youtube and social media driven campaign in 2011 (if its not broken don’t fix it right?). They cleverly put a twist to the Old Spice Guy relationship with fans. Introducing Fabio, the contesting new Old Spice guy, asking Isiah out for a duel. Fabio is a long shot from Isiah Mustafa and is a tad bit thick-headed, though he does entertain in his own disturbing way. This entry of the ‘bad guy‘  rejuvenated the 2010 campaign in an uproar of support from Isiah’s fans.

(click here for a full list of Fabio’s ads)

The campaign saw the two fighting to respond to the Old Spice fans and ended in a challenge for the most number of votes (which was not really a challenge after all, since most people hated Fabio). The campaign ended with a face to face confrontation between Fabio and Isiah.

The revival campaign in 2011 was a success and it got the Internet buzzing over Old Spice again. Old Spice had the winning formula for marketing the brand and at a low cost too, due to the usage of Youtube to host their videos and responses.

They carried on their whacky and entertaining commercials in 2012 and hired a new spokesperson, actor and former NFL player, Terry Crews to promote their line of deodorant. The brand first introduced Terry Crews as its new spokesperson through creatively outrageous TV commercials.

These commercials were once again loved by the public and it spread through the social networks quickly. Just recently in August, Old Spice worked with online video player, Vimeo, and released an interactive viral video into the online social sphere. The video allowed viewers to use various parts of Terry’s body to make music after the advert finished playing. Viewers are encouraged to record and share their music with their friends (here’s why it became viral).

Wieden & Kennedy, the ad agency responsible for all these great campaigns from Old Spice, has won numerous awards like the 2011 annual Effie awards and the 2011 Adcolor awards.

I hope they will keep the zany and creative ads coming! How about you? What do like most about the Old Spice campaigns? Let me know by leaving a comment!


Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing have been an essential part to online advertising in the past decade and are often thought to be the same. Both aims to help a site appear on the first page of search results. But are they one and the same? I hope after reading this blog post, you would be able to discern what is SEO and SEM on your search result page.

This screenshot would quickly help you differentiate between the two. The ads you see during a search would be SEM. They are always labelled as ads and appear highlighted in beige and on the side for Google search while the organic search results would be attributed to SEO.


To improve a site’s organic listing, site owners have to optimize their site’s link building and utilizing keywords throughout the site. This is all done on the website and it would need extensive planning so as not to commit keyword stuffing. SEO takes lots of effort and time for a site to climb the organic search listings but it is a more cost-effective way of bringing traffic and sustaining traffic to your site.


Think of SEM as a paid and easier way to appear on the first page of search results. Though it is not necessarily better than SEO, it is definitely faster in getting traffic to a site. SEM is faster due to the fact that you are paying search engines to place your site amongst the search results. SEM generally goes by a bidding system. You bid on the keywords you want by either placing a bid through the cost-per-click or cost-per-mille (cost per thousand views) model. The higher your bid the better your SEM ranking.

Ideally, SEO and SEM should be used together to ensure sustainable traffic to a site. Here’s how SEO and SEM can deliver optimum results for a site.

  1. A new site should start with SEO. When done properly, SEO should be able to maintain a sites traffic and would keep competitors at bay as SEO is not easy to replicate in a short time. Savvy users would prefer to click on an organic search result rather than a SEM advert.
  2. Once a site is search engine optimized, its is time to give the site launch a little push with SEM. SEM would increase the awareness of your site instantly and serve as an introduction phase to a site. SEM will also allow for better control over keyword associations and help build links to a site.
  3. Once the site has built sufficient links and have enjoyed substantial awareness, SEM can be paused and SEO can run its course to sustain the traffic of the site. SEM can be re-activated as and when traffic is slipping.

There are many creative ways SEO and SEM can be implemented. I have only managed a few search campaigns and would like to learn from your experiences. So leave a comment on your thoughts of SEO and SEM or share your search campaign experiences with me!