Mobile: The Next Advertising Frontier

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Advertising
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We are beginning to see a shift of media consumption from the TV and the computer towards mobile devices. Soon there will be more tablets and phones than there are PCs. Gone are the days where we will take the subway and see fellow commuters readings newspapers or magazines. Today’s image of a typical subway cabin is pretty much this.

But despite the rapid rise in mobile media consumption, the growth in mobile advertising spend is sluggish. Derek Thompson shared that consumers spend 10% of their media attention on their mobile devices and yet the medium only answers for 1% of the total industrial ad spend. The opposite can be said for print media, which only commands 7% of our media time but holds a whopping 25% of the total ad spend. This really emphasizes the potential of advertising on the mobile!

But the advertising on mobile has had interesting developments. We have seen really ground breaking innovations with mobile advertising over the past 3 years. One of which is campaigns that use a mobile device’s geolocation capabilities. There are thousands of ways advertisers can use geolocational capabilities within their ad campaigns. Like the MINI getaway case study I did, this Nestle ad campaign is another great example.

Another creative way of using mobile devices would be augmented reality. These either work with your phone’s GPS or an app that picks up codes to activate the 3 dimensional or dimensional augmented reality.

Marrying outdoor media and mobile is another interactive and fresh way of executing a campaign. Outdoor billboards can utilize a mobile device’s capabilities to allow consumers to interact with outdoor media.

Lastly, the use of QR codes, which are probably the easiest to implement. This is probably the best example of how QR codes can be creatively used for a campaign.

It won’t be long till we see new technologies that will change the mobile advertising universe. With technologies like the coming 4G networks that allow for fast speed downloads and 3D and HD graphics, the mobile landscape would become an ideal sandbox for advertisers to create interactive and creative ad campaigns.

What other technologies do you feel will surface? Share them with us and leave a comment!


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