How Blogs Can Work For You

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Advertising
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Blogs have changed a great deal over the years and have came far from the private blogging we know it for. It still serves its purpose in airing an individual’s thoughts, views and life. Since its success with LiveJournal in 1999 till today, there are about 160 million public blogs in existence. And like all digital trends, blogs became a tool for advertising and marketing. From businesses to political figures, corporations and influential people have started their own blogs to engage with the public and establish an online presence. If you think about it, these blogs are a relatively cheap marketing and public relation tool for these personalities and organisations.

The setting up of a blog is basically free and the only costs incurred is probably just hiring someone to design the blog. Many companies have internal blogs on their websites while others set up their blogs on third party sites, like WordPress! The only challenge is to create content which will attract people to the website and encourage them to return for more. But what if the consumers know nothing about your blog?

That’s where blog sponsorship comes in. Your company blog may not have reached your audience but you could definitely count on the A-list bloggers to reach them. A-list bloggers need not publicize their vacancy for sponsorship; they are usually approached directly by companies or have a blog advertising company to manage the clients. The sponsorship could range from a banner on the blog to product engagement and review by the popular bloggers. All the company has to do is find bloggers that can relate to it’s products and have similar target audiences. These sponsorships are relatively cheaper than regular display advertising and companies can benefit from the affinity the audience have with the blog.

It is essential that companies and organisations invest in promoting their blogs in the initial phase to drive quality traffic to them. Then it should rest on captivating the readers in the long run.

Using what I learnt in one of my course subjects in university, here’s a few simple ways you can improve your blogs.

  • Update your blog frequently: No one follows a blog that seldom have updates. Its boring.
  • Break apart chunks of texts with pictures, videos or bullet points: Captivating the reader’s already limited attention is key.
  • Encourage reader participation and engage with them: Give your readers a reason to come back.
  • Provide fresh content or interesting insights: No one wants to read the same content from another blog.
  • Linking with other blogs that have similar content: Shows your blog engages the blogging community. Also improves your SEO.

When used intelligently, a blog is a great way to channel traffic to your company website or engage your target audience. Just remember, “Its not about being narcissistic, its about being a good story teller.

Do you own a corporate blog or know anything about them? Share your tips and difficulties with me! Leave it in my comments!

  1. The thing about a fully corporate blog is that I cannot trust them 100% precisely because I know that it’s a corporate blog and their aim is to sell their products. But a sponsored post on a personal blog, it’s easier to trust the post because it’s easier to convince myself that this person has used it and liked it enough to promote it. There is that guard that people, or rather I have, when it comes to corporate blogs.

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