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Have you ever watched a music video and while grooving to the tunes, suddenly feel like you are watching a scene from an advertisement? Well, your senses are not wrong because technically you were grooving to an advertisement. I personally think they did a better job in the past when they subliminally advertised to you in a split second. Lately, the product placements are just getting more and more invasive. The camera literally stays on the product for a good 3 seconds or more! Some even have a scene that looks so disjoint and forcefully stitched into the music video just for the sake of commercializing it. Maybe I’m just extra sensitive to it being from an advertising background but it really seems overdone. You’ll be the judge.

This first one is an example of subtle product placements that are almost unnoticeable. The videos get more obvious and absurd as we reach the last example.


I like how subtle the placements are in this music video. Though Mini has a lot of time on screen, it doesn’t come across as obvious and invasive. Vespa and Tuborg appear briefly in the music video as well.

On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez

The music video starts off with two painfully obvious product placements, BMW and Swarovski both appearing for 7 seconds! A more subtle placement of the alcohol brand, Crown Royal, appears at 2.33.

Where Them Girls At by David Guetta

This music video’s product placements are probably the most invasive. Its not about how long the products stay on screen. Its about how obvious the placement is. Right at the start of the music video you will see 3 full seconds of Ice Watch on David’s wrist. At 1.22, you’ll see Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play for a whopping 4 full seconds. You’ll see a couple of more shots of the ice watch when David is mixing. Then, comes my favourite product placement in the video at 3.10. A 3 second advertisement of the Renault Twitzy which looks so forcefully stitched into the video.

Telephone by Lady Gaga

I hereby crown Lady Gaga as the queen of commercializing her music videos. Though not as invasive as Where Them Girls At, Lady Gaga’s Telephone is laid with a total of 6 product placements. At 1.33, you will briefly see her beats earphones. I find this placement acceptable and subliminal to an average user. But the 2 second Virgin Mobile LG placement at 2.06 is unbearable if you notice how the hand actually holds out the phone so obviously. This comes back to haunt the viewer at 4.15. Then comes subtle Diet Coke placements in her hair starting at 2.16. HP’s beats laptop enters the fray at 4.23. Polaroid joins the party at 5.36 right smack in the centre on the video. Kraft joins last at 6.41.

Maybe we are to blame for all of this. With all our illegal music downloads, the music industry needed to commercialize and use music video like real estate. I guess we’ll have to get used to these placements if it becomes an advertising trend. If you have came across any other music videos with unbearable advertising, please share the youtube link in my comments!